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Promoting the creativity
and imagination

Lunch Service

Healthy food made by us
Our food is homemade, fresh and prepared every day in our school. We have a supervised menu prepared by professionals, to guarantee a balanced meal during the day.


Special cases treated with care
We look after those cases that, due to food intolerance or any other nutritional requirement, require a special diet.

Connected With Families

Comminucating every day
We have a digital diary, which families can access through an application on their mobile phones. This keeps you informed on a daily basis about the activities of your child during the school day.

Music School

Music learning
We have a music teacher, who every week teaches us the magic that music transmits and how to express our emotions through sounds.


Let's track all the improvements
Each term we deliver an evaluative report of each boy and girl, where objectives and habits achieved and to be achieved are assessed.


Let's keep the fun active
We offer camps during holiday periods, both for our students and for children who come from other schools.


We speak your language
Our main language is Spanish since we work mostly with foreign families and international tourism. Our purpose is to work with the inclusion and adaptation of all families.
We also speak in English and many of the daily activities take place in this language.


Accident and material insurance
We have private accident insurance. The materials that we use throughout the school year and the accident insurance are included in the annual insurance and materials fee.