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Little worlds
full of emotions

Nuna Nursery in Elviria Marbella

We are a school where children grow and develop freely and happily in a family and loving environment with our intention being that the school is a second home for them.


We are committed to a free education, based on creativity, free imagination and experimentation, as well as the value of teamwork, respect for others, nature and everything that surrounds us.

At Nuna Nursery School we have a comprehensive look at boys and girls in their first school experiences, taking into account the individuality of each one as a constitutive part. We begin the process of socialization that will help children moving on to this school adventure from their own experiences of every one around them.


We offer our boys and girls spaces enriched with areas where play is the first educator using a selection of materials designed for the interests and socio-affective needs of these first experiences.

Our educational proposal is based on the deep knowledge that the teaching team has about the evolutionary guidelines and the stages of development, with emotions being our fundamental axis.


Each day is strengthened with routines and activities where spontaneity, creativity and the discovery of the world coexist and are enhanced; We respect the time of each child and we accompany them with didactic interventions that provide security and encourage belonging to this new space, the school.









Sol D'Errico

Hello everyone! I am Argentinian by birth and Spanish by choice, owner and director of Nuna Nursery School, a project that makes me fall in love more every day! From a very young age, when I went to a park instead of playing I dedicated myself to taking care of the other children, my mother insisted that I play but my great joy was taking care of them, probably this vocation was born with me.


Many years later, and already living here in Spain, I was able to fulfill my great dream, to open my first nursery where I learned a lot from those who knew and had experience. It was an incredible path, because although there were falls, that incredible energy that children have and this work that is so comforting, made them learn more.

Many times they tell me that my work is very difficult, that it requires great patience, and yes, both are true, but the satisfaction of being in one of the most important stages of a person’s life and accompanying families cannot measured more than happiness and gratitude.


In my opinion, the experience, the day to day, and seeing the children grow is the best training we can have in this sector, it is something that they do not teach you at the University and that is not in the books, it comes within and develops as the years go by. It’s been 15 years betting on what really makes me happy, this unique vocation that I wouldn’t change for anything!

Welcome to Nuna, Welcome to our school where the passion for what we do is one of the most important pillars!

What our parents say

Simply love it!

Our two children went to Nuna since they were 6 months old. We are so happy, that they repeat on summer and during most of the school holidays. They simply love and enjoy going to Nuna everyday



Perfect place

When we move to Spain found in Nuna a second home for our children. They learn spanish while having fun and we can communicate easily with all the staff